About the festival

About the festival «Voices of Opsal Farm»2023

Welcome to our festival, Voices of Opsal Farm, where we celebrate biodiversity on the farm!

The festival offers many events, including storytelling and scientific investigations, music, history walks and dance.

There will also be a 9 day course, STORYTELLING LABORATORY, for young artists and farmers to inspire their talents in this field.

We also offer a free day for children, with three different performances for three different agegroups.

On the 11th of august there will be an full day of Storytelling and biodiversity, from 10:00 until 20:00, where we share performances og learn from local naturealists.

We believe that celebrating nature increases our curiosity and love for the living world. We have invited artists who work in nature with adults and children to strengthen the connection, to cultivate our natural love for other living beings.

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