WWOOFING – Volunteering on Opsal Gard

If you would like to volunteer you will of course get your (mainly organic vegetarian) meals and stay on the farm if you are not local. You can contact us direct or if you want to stay for a longer period then sign up to the Wwoofers organisation (for free:).

A bit about our farm in English –

This is a new project on a very old farm. We are talking about a pioneering project! The focus is rewilding and biodiversity. While we are also wanting to grow our own food, the well-being of the forest and other wild and domestic creatures is also super important.

The activities will vary a lot! We will be moving the cows, making fences and compost, planting trees and wooding for next winter, harvesting herbs berries and vegetables. We are planning a walled garden, a forest garden with ‘fedges’, a mix of a hedge and a fence, and we will be organically restoring the house and barn..

No-one has been living full time on this farm for 50 years, so things are very basic. The buildings are 200 years old and very cute and old-fashioned. There is electricity and internet but heating is by wood stoves and cooking on gas. There is an outside toilet and right now the water comes from the well but we hope that by the time you arrive we have a washing machine.

Local area: We are 10 minutes drive from the station and the shop, which is 1 hour from Oslo. It’s a very friendly neighbourhood with quite a lot of artistsW, and people pop by for a chat which is not so usual in Norway!

Accommodation: You will have your own bedroom and we will share kitchen and food-making. I work as The Natural Storyteller, so some of the time I will be away during the day and you will need to be able to manage your own time. I have three grown up children who work with herbs, theatre and sustainable transport. They will be visiting with their children, and there will be plenty of social interaction which you are free to join if you wish. There is a group of people who are supporting the farm who will also be living here and helping at times.

We will also invite groups like Extinction Rebellion, the Permaculture organisation and some other spiritual groups to come and use the farm as inspiration and a place to work.

Wwoofers on the farm, february 2022