Buy tickets or festivalpassport

You can pay by VIPPS to Opsal gård 812657, remember to write what you want to buy ticket for and your name. You can also pay by bankaccount number 12546237638. It is possible to pay with cash if you have the excact amount. The doors will open 30 minutes before performance start.

FESTIVALPASSPORT gives entrance for one person, to all performances and the conferance day during the festival for 550 nok

4 august Opening performance kl.19.00 Ticket 100 nok
5 august Malcolms Storytelling Evening kl.19.00 Ticket 100 nok
6 august Heading true north kl. 16.30 Ticket 100 nok
7 august LAB presents Work in Progress at Fredheim kl. 19.00 Ticket 100 nok
8 august Childrens day, all day event Ticket Free
9 august LAB presents Work in Progress at Tangen kl. 19.00 Ticket 100 nok
11 august all day event Conferance day 1 meal included 350 nok

COURSE 04-12 aug.
FULLBOOKED Course; LAB Everything has a voice, fee Ordinary 2200 nok