Registration and payment

Fill out this registration form. Payment is made to account number:
IBAN NO5112546360235 or if pay from norway 12546237638 Opsal farm. Remember to mark the payment with the course title and date.

Course with fee
You are registered when the course price has been paid in full.

Courses that are free
You are registered, when expenses for food and possibly. accommodation is paid in full.

Cancellation of the course
Then you will receive the whole amount of your payment back.

Cancellation of your registration
If more than 2 weeks in advance of the start of the course, you will receive a 50% refund of the payment. If it is done over a week before, you get 25% back.

Course prices
Will vary in relation to content, time, materials, whether we receive financial support, etc. Each course has room for at least one volunteer participant who receives the course, food and accommodation for free and helps along the way.

Contact Georgiana if you have any questions. on.en1708483425ilno@1708483425k.oeg1708483425, 415 67 362