Fairytales, Families and Forests

Georgiana‘s nye bok Fairytales, Families and Forests er nå tilgjengelig og kan kjøpes fra forlaget Hawthorn Press.

If you want to tell stories to young children, you may have discovered that you are already a storyteller.

That your children stare at you with wonder in their eyes. But it’s not you they’re looking at. They see through you to a world of magic and high mountains that connect them with nature.

The book is packed with exciting stories, song games and verses for children from 0 to 7

  • a toolbox for parents, pre-school teachers, special pedagogues and you who teach at the early childhood level
  • builds trust so that you can create your own narratives and find the stories you need to solve current issues
  • a source for celebrating birthdays and the seasons
  • clarifies language development through the narrative tree
  • many stories about how we get along with the wolf cub, mouse, bee, sun and moon.

Stories that nourish our nature.

This superb resource and inspiration will empower parents, teachers and storytellers. Renata Allen, The Story Museum, Oxford

… opens the gates of wonder in ways that everyone can understand and share across the generations. Donald Smith, Director, Scottish International Storytelling Festival

What a magical and enriching book, filled with wisdom, knowledge and love. Danyah Miller, storyteller.