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Opsal Farm is a big project, that needs a lots of friends. There are currently two different membership types available.

Membership in Opsalfarm’s friends costs NOK 400 per person and lasts one calendar year, with renewal on 1 January.
– Membership in OpsalsGard’s friends gives you 10% on courses held at the farm.

Ash-membership in Opsalfarm’s friends costs NOK 3,000 per person and lasts one calendar year with renewal on 1 January.
– Ash membership in OpsalGard’s friends gives you 20% on courses held on the farm, and a week’s stay.

Membership fee is paid to OpsalGard’s friends in Cultura bank,

Become a member of Opsal Farm’s friends association!
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§ 2 Vision.

Our aim is to support Opsal as a farm with roots in the wisdom of nature and tradition; a community for mutual exchange between humans and nature. These aims will be achieved through the following activities · study, development and facilitation of eco-community, self-sufficiency and support for biodiversity. · Managing natural areas for regeneration, supporting species diversity, responsibility for older forests, flower meadows and natural water cycles. · Interaction with the local population in relation to ecology and reciprocity between humans and nature. · Strengthen community and health through food, art, creativity and conscious togetherness. · Inspiration and knowledge in the transition to an energy-conscious society. · Facilitate and enable independent industry in connection with place · To be a centre for knowledge, a place for live storytelling, permaculture, restoration of traditional buildings, teaching and sharing between people and organizations.

Annual report 2020

During the year, Georgiana Keable Jerstad in Rooting Agents bought a farm – Opsal farm on Tangen. She is currently the owner of the farm and there have been several meetings with Rooting Agents to discuss the way forward. The wish is to run the farm in relation to the purpose in the articles of

association. In line with this, Dene, Georgiana and Joachim from the board have created a website – to share the activities and Georgiana has started a series of courses to achieve the goals. I.e. courses on Permaculture, on herbs, compost, window restoration, stories about livestock and courses on seed sharing.

Grants are applied for to take care of the many tasks that are required for the farmhouse to be used as a year-round home. We have received 50,000 from the Cultural Heritage Fund and 15,000 from Almenningen to begin repairs of the Stabburet. We have received 20,000 from the Fortidminne Association to support the window restoration course. Support will also be sought from SMIL funds and the Cultural Heritage Fund to get started with the restoration of the Farmhouse. A new well has been drilled and there is a new power fuse box and sockets in parts of the farmhouse. There is a solar panel installed to dry out the basement at Føderådet.

The farm is registered on and the first wwoofers have joined the farm and helped with pruning the apple trees. It was a three-page article in Stangeavis and it seems that there is a good deal of goodwill from the locals.

All the old apple trees have been pruned for the first time. Most spruce trees in the grazing area have been felled and will be dried for next winter. Everything so far without gasoline-powered gear. We have held a New Year’s ritual for the tuna trees around the house and one to greet any creatures in the house.

The project is underway, thanks to Rooting Agents and many other good souls…