Practical information


Accommodation is charming and very simple. At the moment there is an outdoor toilet and there is no shower. Water is fetched from the well and we wash up together. Bring your own bed linen and towel. There is currently no washing machine here.

Own room 350 nkr
Double room 250 nkr per person
4 person rooms 100 nkr per person


Breakfast 60 nkr
Lunch 100 nkr
Vegetarian dinner 150 kr

Tea and coffee free.

You can bring your own packed lunch or if you have slept over, you can make lunch at breakfast for a supplement of NOK 60. We use local organic ingredients whenever possible.


How to get here.

With car
Use the directions in the map to the right of the route for the direction you are coming from.

With train
If you come by train, you get off at Tangen Station. From there it is a distance to walk up to the farm.

We can pick someone up from the station and try that everyone can ride with someone – it is an approx. 10 minutes drive.

If this is not possible, you can contact Espa Tangen Taxisentralen 90172210. Feel free to call the day before and preferably that you drive between 9 and 13. It will cost about 300, – plus minus, they say.

Walking from the station to the farm takes about 1,5 hours, or I hour downhill. It´s a nice walk. The last bit by the farm is thru a forest + not marked down by the road. Its very hear the last turning. You can also take the road but about 3km longer.

Fill out this registration form. Payment is made to account number: 12546237638 Opsal farm. Remember to mark the payment with the course title and date.

Course with fee
You are registered when the course price has been paid in full.

Courses that are free
You are registered, when expenses for food and possibly. accommodation is paid in full.

Cancellation of the course
Then you will receive the whole amount of your payment back.

Cancellation of your registration
If more than 2 weeks in advance of the start of the course, you will receive a 50% refund of the payment. If it is done over a week before, you get 25% back.

Course prices
Will vary in relation to content, time, materials, whether we receive financial support, etc. Each course has room for at least one volunteer participant who receives the course, food and accommodation for free and helps along the way.

Contact Georgiana if you have any questions. on.en1708482080ilno@1708482080k.oeg1708482080, 415 67 362


You can pay by bankaccount number 12546237638 or by VIPPS to Opsal gård 812657, remember to write what you want to buy and your name. It is possible to pay with cash if you have the excact amount.



Let us know about any food intoleranses/allergies.

If you arrive by train. Exit on Tangen train station. From there it takes a while to walk to OpsalGard. We can pick you up at the train station, or have someone else who are going to Opalgard pick you up. If it is not possible then one can call a taxi from Espa Tangen Taxi central 90172210. The car trip takes about 10 min and will cost 300kr.

When you send the registration you will receive a email from us within a few days.